MEGA E Chucks

High Speed End Mill Collet Chucks

MEGA E End Mill Collet Chucks are designed exclusively for end milling with high concentricity and rigidity. The gripping force is an important element for end milling with a collet chuck. The long gripping length of the MEGA E Chuck collet provides a powerful gripping force. The shallower taper of the collet improves concentricity in order to achieve better surface finishes and longer cutting tool life.

The MEGA E Series collet chucks are precision ground and balanced for high-speed machining. All components, including body, collet, nut, and clamping wrench are specifically designed for high-speed applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Balanced for high-speed end milling
  • 1-micron high precision collet
  • High gripping strength and tapered body for high rigidity
  • Focused coolant delivery for improved surface finish and tool life