MEGA ER Grip Collet Chucks

High Speed ER Collet Chuck

MEGA ER Grip collet chucks have a high-precision collet, nut, and body that outperforms standard ER systems. Reliable and stable runout accuracy will also tremendously contribute to improving machining capability and cost reduction.

The total precision of our collet, nut, and body, when used together, shatters the common standard of ER collet chucks.

The MEGA Series ER Grip collet chucks are precision ground and balanced for high-speed machining. All components, including the body, collet, nut, and clamping wrench are specifically designed for high-speed applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Balanced for high-speed machining
  • Improved runout over traditional ER programs
  • Utilizes ER standard Form B collets
  • 5 clamping nut options for a variety of applications
  • Wide assortment of tapers and lengths