BIG KAISER’s Digital Boring Heads Ranked as a Top 10 Technology at IMTS


John Saunders, a machinist and shop owner known for running the most popular YouTube channel on CNC machining, shares in one of his latest videos 10 CNC machines that stood out to him while at IMTS 2018, the largest manufacturing technology show in North America. Included in this lineup is BIG KAISER’s EWA digital boring head.

The EWA provides fully-automated machine tool operation without the need for a human operator – eliminating having to scrap expensive workpieces due to human error. There is also no need to stop the machine tool to take measurements and manually adjust the boring tool, which saves considerable time.

“Using a probe your CNC machine can measure a bore, then automatically open and close that boring head with absolute amazing resolution, precision, accuracy and repeatability,” says Saunders in the video. “It can then bore that hole, and if you need to, it can even remeasure to account for things like tool deflection or tool wear.”

The EWA can operate as a standalone tool, controlled via a tablet with a wireless connection, or it can be used to provide a fully automated, closed-loop control cycle, where commands are sent from the machine tool to the EWA, automatically adjusting or stopping the machining process when required.

Saunders states in the video that “this is finally one of the first smart things that we are seeing that’s closing the loop on actual metrology and connected tools.”

Watch the full roundup video titled “10 Amazing CNC Machines – IMTS 2018!” here.

To learn more about our digital boring head please visit our product page or you can watch a product video created by Saunders titled “BIG KAISER Digital Boring Head! Amazing CNC Tool!” here.

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