Comparing HSK Tool Holders and Suppliers

As speeds, feeds and centrifugal forces have increased over the years, the shallower 1-to-10 taper ratio of the German hollow taper shank – hohl shaft kegel (HSK) in German – has proven effective. HSK tool holders meet ISO 12164/DIN 69893/ASME B5.62 specifications.

There are a lot of options. In the graphic below, we break down different styles of small HSK holders available. We're proud to provide one of the largest selections in the world. In addition, BIG KAISER uses materials with optimal hardness and strength, as well as machine finishes and heat treats HSK holders to prevent failure.

Click for more information on BIG KAISER HSK TOOLING.

Comparison of small type HSK tool holder makers.

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Carl P. Schalansky

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 12:22

Please keep me up to date.
Thank you.

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