BIG DAISHOWA Unveils EWA, a Fully Automatic Boring Head


Hoffman Estates, IL - The BIG KAISER EWA Automatic Fine Boring System from BIG DAISHOWA performs closed-loop boring operations without a human operator. This breakthrough eliminates the need to stop the spindle to manually adjust the boring tool, which results in considerable time savings. Also, eliminating human interaction reduces cost, improves accuracy, and minimizes scrap. The adjustment range of this fine boring head allows for the handling of multiple bore sizes with the same tool and ensures a repeatable boring process. 

The EWA fine boring head is available in two sizes, one with a boring range of Ø2.677"-5.276" (Ø68-134mm) and the other with a range of Ø.394"-2.126" (Ø10-54mm). EWA kits are also available for each of these head sizes. These can include inserts, insert holders, a controller, antenna and protective case. 

The EWA can be used on machines with BT/BBT30-40-50, CV/BCV(SK)40-50, BIG CAPTO 5-6-8 and HSK-A63-80-100-125 spindles. The Automatic Fine Boring System can be integrated in three primary configurations: fully integrated, PC control, or tablet control. 

Fully Integrated 

A fully integrated system has the EWA control software running directly on the machine tool control via an app or technology cycle, requiring no external control device. The fully integrated system can only be integrated on new machine tools. 

PC Control 

For legacy machines, a PC interface between the machine tool and the EWA can provide a fully automated, closed-loop control cycle. Commands are sent from the machine tool to the EWA, automatically adjusting the tool in synchronization with the machining process. 

The PC acts as a synchronization interface between the machine tool and the EWA. It stops the machining cycle after the touch probe makes a measurement, reads the result and sends the corresponding adjustment value to the EWA. After the EWA has been adjusted, the PC notifies the machine tool to continue the process. 

Tablet Control

The EWA can also be operated as a standalone tool, controlled manually with the BIG KAISER app on a tablet or smartphone. This enables the option to measure bores using an in-machine probe or manually, and to make fast adjustments in the app. Adjustments also can be done semi-automatically, where the head will move to pre-entered diameter values after a stoppage. 

To see the EWA Automatic Fine Boring System and other innovations from BIG DAISHOWA, visit booth #431610 at IMTS


As a member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group (Osaka, Japan), BIG DAISHOWA Inc. has grown into a recognized global tooling provider, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Switzerland and Japan. In addition, BIG DAISHOWA is the North American representative of Speroni tool measuring machines, Sphinx high performance drills, mptec measuring stands, Tekusa spindle cleaners and the UNILOCK zero-point workholding system.

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