BIG KAISER Showcases Tooling Innovations at IMTS 2018

Hoffman Estates, IL – BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, will display digital tooling innovations, as well as cutting-edge products and accessories at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in booth #431610. IMTS, held September 10-15 at McCormick Place in Chicago, is North America’s largest manufacturing show.

BIG KAISER’s latest development in Industry 4.0 is the evolution of its digital tooling—EWA and EWE finish boring heads. The EWA system features closed-loop, automatic adjustment of diameter by receiving commands wirelessly from the machine control or after the gaging process and a bore diameter correction is required. EWA boring heads are capable of self-adjusting to micron precision and have a large work range so that one tool can perform multiple sizes of bores. Live machining demonstrations of the EWA will be repeated throughout each day for the duration of the show.

EWE fine boring heads also feature a digital display to show incremental movement of the cutting edge. They use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to the BIG KAISER app. When used together, application information is combined with data from the boring head to show the expected output from the tool and guide operators to make a diameter correction based on the tolerance and the last measured bore produced by the tool. Color-coded dimensions give operators a visual cue when the tool is back in tolerance and ready to continue production, decreasing the risk of adjustment errors. The range of EWE boring heads has been expanded to include ultra-small diameter boring heads, completing the system for all sizes of tools.

Also in the Industry 4.0 area is a wireless tool table leveling device. The Level Master Wireless uses wireless connectivity to enable leveling information to be read from a separate display device, ensuring that a precision level is correctly achieved. The detector supports an accuracy of up to 0.01mm/1m and allows simultaneous measurement with multiple detectors, which can transmit to independent display devices at a range of up to 30 m from the measuring point. Using a leveling tool not only improves the machining process, it also increases the life of the machine.

The SPERONI ESSENTIA tool presetting and measuring system efficiently measures tools offline, allowing the operator to achieve full machine productivity. What makes this tool presetter unique is the concise and easy-to-use control specifically designed to optimize all tool presetting and measuring operations. The runout function, MaxP, base post processor and the entry-level tool database are some of the functions integrated in the ESSENTIA control.

BIG KAISER’s new super-slim hydraulic tool holders with peripheral jet coolant holes are ideal for high-precision 5-axis machining. Also new to the line-up of hydraulic tool holders are straight shank types made exclusively for Swiss-type lathes, allowing fast and easy cutting tool changes with high accuracy.

BIG KAISER’s Torque Fit tool assembly accessory will also be on display. The Torque Fit is a tightening fixture for collet chucks with an integrated torque measuring system. The system notifies the user of a correctly set torque value via an audible buzzer. If overtightening occurs, the error LED light will flash.

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