EWE 2-152 Digital Fine Boring Heads

EWE 2-152 digital fine boring heads connect to BIG KAISER's user-friendly smartphone and tablet app, making it easier to monitor and configure the head while assembling and running boring tools. As well as being able to read changes in cutting diameter, the app helps operators determine optimal cutting parameters from their tool assemblies. The app also logs historical adjustments for all tools ever synced with it, providing essential information for companies adopting smart manufacturing.

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Variable tool length adjustment of the tool holder

Best cutting results are only reachable if the tool holder is as short as possible. EWE 2-152 digital fine boring heads feature variable length adjustment of the tool holders which ensures the shortest and therefore the most rigid tool assembly.

Fine balanced when tool carrier is set in the center position

Tool holders made of carbide with adjustable insert holders permit diameter setting on the insert holder. The heavy tool holder remains in the center position and does not create any imbalance. The imbalance created by the insert holder is in most cases insignificant.

Features & Benefits
  • Same accessories for precision boring heads EWN
  • Indirect and distortion-free locking of the tool carrier
  • Large dial disc for a parallax-free reading of the adjustment and vernier
  • Digital readout
  • Wireless connection to BIG KAISER App