Various Connections — One System

Based on a cylindrical connection with radial locking screw, the world-famous modular precision tool system BIG KAISER has continuously been improved over the years, and has adapted to customer’s needs and the increases in machine tool performance. Compatibility to existing tools has always been a requirement for newer designs. This means that all BIG KAISER connections are almost 100% compatible, and all the components are kept in stock.

BIG KAISER fine boring head.


CKB Connection: Highly Efficient And Easy To Handle

The modular components are clamped with the lateral locking screw (CK-screw). The floating cross bolt is automatically centered in the trapezoid-shaped recesses in the mating part and ensures an absolutely uniform distribution of the torque forces.

  • Simple, efficient operation -no special equipment or tools needed
  • Maximum rigidity due to high preloading forces and large contact surfaces
  • Precise cutting edge location even when using several adapters
  • High interchange accuracy, maximum radial change error is .0001"

CKB connection.

CKN Connection: for lightweight and high performance tools

Based on a 3-screw connection and a male pilot with 3 partial slits, the CKN connection is designed for lightweight and high performance tools. The main components for the lightweight program are double connector couplings made of steel and extension tubes made of aluminium. The high performance program for enhanced radial stiffness is entirely made of steel components.

  • Double connector coupling made of steel and aluminium extensions for the transmission of high torques
  • Weight reductions up to 50% and equal cutting performance, compared to tool combinations made of steel
  • Reduced weight allows easier handling and eliminates manual tool change in many cases
  • Max. rigidity of the tool connection due to high clamping force and expansion of the slotted tool connector
  • Vibration damping due to the use of different materials

CKN connection.

Compatibility CKN - CKB

For compatibility reasons, the CKN shanks will be delivered with only one CK screw. For CKN assemblies, the remaining two CK screws will be supplied with the mating component having the male CKN connection.

CKN and CKB compatibility.