Series 317 Large Diameter Boring System

Highly precise, rigid and safe to operate

The Series 317 Large Diameter Boring System is designed for heavy roughing of bores. The compact rugged configuration makes it ideally suited for use on production machines such as boring mills and machining centers with spindle taper sizes of 50 or similar.

The modular components such as flange, extension slide, tool holder and boring head, can easily be assembled to the single cutter, twin cutter and pin turning tools.


Current components with safety screws can be mounted on existing extension slides without any restrictions whereas the safety screws must be removed. Existing pre-safety screw components can be mounted as well without any restrictions on current-model extension slides.


On request, safety screw modifications can be made to existing precision boring heads and extension slides to prevent tool failure from accidentally high spindle speeds.

Please consult with our engineering department for more information.

Features & Benefits
  • Twin cutter boring tools for various roughing methods, (RSS = symmetrical roughing, DVS = double offset roughing and VPS = full profile roughing)
  • Highest possible operational safety with additional safety screws