Kombi Grip

Clutch Needle Roller Clamping System

Kombi Grip's innovative 2-way clutch needle roller clamping system assures secure clamping at the tool flange periphery. Kombi Grip's safe design eliminates any possibility of damage to the taper shank during the tightening process.

The tool pot of the Kombi Grip was designed for multiple shallow taper shank interchangeability. For example, one unit will satisfy both HSK-63 and Polygon coupling C6.

Features & Benefits
  • Works for HSK Forms A/E/F 25-100 and Polygon C3-C8
  • 2-way clutch and needle roller clamping system allows for torque transmission in either direction
  • Secures to a bench with 4 bolts
  • Eliminates damage to shank taper during assembly of tooling