45° Tilt Style Mill-Turn Tools

Type S Basic Holder

45° Tilt Style Mill-Turn tools tilt the "B" axis 45 degrees and help to minimize the cutting forces transmitted to the machine spindle. This force reduction increases the life of the machine spindle.

Type S Cartridges are located in the basic holder by means of a precision-ground pilot and secured by two opposing radial screws with a 15º taper. With a slight offset to locating sockets, the high face-to-face clamping force of the two components is generated. To maintain precise locations and orientation, an additional locating pin is included for the positive transfer of cutting torque.

These are the very first modular tooling system for turning applications on MTC's (Mill-Turn Centers). A modular tooling system offers better efficiency, material selection, heat treatment, and optimal tool lengths. Serious damage to tool holders caused by broken inserts can now be easily and economically replaced.

Features & Benefits
  • 45° approach for the highest productivity
  • Secure and rigid cartridge clamping system
  • Safe and easy clamping of inserts
  • 15 cartridges to choose from