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C-Cutter Mini chamfering a workpiece.

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C-CUTTER MINI applications.


C-CUTTER inserts.
ACP200/ACP300 ACM250F DS20 NF15KA
For all steel & stainless steel materials. For stainless steel. For aluminum & /non-ferrous materials. For cast iron
Multi-layer PVD coating on carbide base with nanoscale TiAlN & AlCrN. Excellent performance and wear resistance. PVD-coated carbide with excellent smoothness and resistance to welding and chipping, due to the ultra-multilayered thin film structure made of AITiN and TiAICrN DLC coating on carbide base with very smooth surface for a low coefficient of friction. Excellent performance against built-up edge. Adopts K15-equivalent carbide material with hardness & toughness for cast iron.
SE (Sharp edge) type prevent burrs; recommended for stainless steel & mild steel
Fig. Ø Nose
Insert Grade Insert Clamping
Screw Set
ACP200 ACP300 ACM250F DS20 NF15KA
CM0302 1 .130 .008 S1.63-T3
CM0402 1 .156 .008 S2SS-T6
CM0502 2 .197 .008 S2TS-T6
CM10C1 3 .394 .008 S4S-T15

C-Cutter Mini—Multi-Insert Type

C-Cutter mini Multi Insert

4 inserts & small cutting diameter. High-performance chamfer cutter achieves ultra-high feed rate by reducing the cutting diameter to the lowest limit.

C-Cutter Mini—single-Insert Type

C-Cutter mini Single Insert 45°

Reduces the cutting diameter to the lowest limit, helping to achieve ultra-high spindle speeds and feeds. Delivers multi-functional cutting, including chamfering, back chamfering, and even light face milling.

C-Cutter Mini—Front Chamfer Type

C-Cutter Mini—Single-Insert for Counterbore

Ultra-high feed chamfering mill with a compact design.

C-Cutter Mini—Bolt and Tapped Hole Type

C-Cutter mini Bolt Hole

C-Cutter Mini—Single Insert (Ø10-20mm)

C-Cutter Mini—Single-Insert for Counterbore

For counterbore holes. Available with front & back chamfering.

C-Cutter Mini—CKB Type

Chamfering C-Cutter mini

Front and back chamfering of shoulders. Front and back chamfering of deep holes.



Exclusively designed for back spot facing of cap bolt holes.