Digital MEGA Torque Wrench

Digital MEGA Torque Wrench has a user-friendly digital interface and interchangeable head sizes for secure and accurate tightening of collet chucks.

Digital Bar Graph

Torque is shown on the LCD display with a bar graph. The visual graph enhances a feeling of security close to that of an analog indicator.

Vibrations & Beep

The handle vibrates and beep is emitted when the recommended torque is reached.

Predetermined Torque Values

The recommended torque for each collet chuck model is preset. Appropriate tightening torque is easily available by simply choosing the model to be clamped.

Features & Benefits
  • For BIG MEGA Nuts 6N-20N & 6E-13E
  • 10-50Nm of torque range
  • Minimum read of .01Nm
  • Built-in lithium battery good for approx. 500 recharges
  • 3 hr recharging time
  • 4,000 tightening operations per full charge
  • Components purchased a-la-carte or as a complete set