KAISER Modular Boring Connection Name Change…Sort Of

Last year, the KAISER brand further fortified its relationship with long-time partner, BIG Daishowa Seiki Co. Ltd. The agreement, where BIG Daishowa purchased KAISER Precision Tooling (Rümlang, Switzerland), saw yet another renaming of a KAISER entity to BIG KAISER. This is now the third BIG KAISER entity in the world, and has really cemented our global network and made additional resources available that have enabled improvements in the ways customers are served and how our products are developed, delivered, and now referenced.

As part of this ongoing effort to realize new efficiencies and make things easier for end users, we’re changing the name of our modular boring system connection to be more in line with global standards. Known forever in the U.S. as KA/KAB, the components will now be designated CK/CKB. No specifications of any kind are changing, the systems are exactly the same. The KA/KAB connection that North America has known and loved for the last 26 years was simply a way to quickly differentiate the inch tools produced for the U.S. market against the metric tools marked CK/CKB for the rest of the world. There is absolutely no action required by current users, again, only the markings on the tools are changing, as well as the nomenclature in reference materials like catalogs, manuals, etc.

You’ll also see the name BIG KAISER now engraved on each new component rather than KAISER, reflecting the new corporate name change.

Click here to learn more about the modular system that, with the help of an array of accessories, easily and quickly adapts to perform just about any boring job.

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