The Value in Zero-Point Workholding Systems

In a recently published article for Fabricating & Metalworking magazine, our workholding product manager, John Zaya, shares a variety of ways zero-point workholding systems are valuable in manufacturing operations. Although these systems are generally thought of as exclusively applicable to machine processes like milling, John describes the different operations where zero-point workholding systems, like our Unilock system, are helpful.

In the article, John writes, “In a world where a small efficiency advantage multiplied over thousands of cycles can have dramatic impacts on the bottom line, it’s important to seek out these kinds of creative approaches that reduce process setup and changeover time without sacrificing accuracy and repeatability.”

John goes on to explain a few unconventional ways manufacturers are benefiting from these systems. These areas include:

  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • Welding
  • EDM
  • Inspection
  • Assembly

Zero-point systems provide the best solution to two of manufacturing’s toughest problems: repeatability of location from one fixture or workpiece blank to another, and quick transfer of work from one work area of the floor to another. Our Unilock system uses air pressure and die springs to drive clamping pins against a tapered clamping knob that is attached to a fixture plate, directly to the workpiece or any item for easy palletization of single or multi-chuck applications. The savings in setup time alone, not to mention the increased accuracy, adds up quickly.

To read more about how users are uncovering efficiencies with the help of our Unilock zero-point workholding system in different manufacturing processes, read the full article titled “Zero-Point Workholding Systems: A Creative Solution for Many Manufacturing Operations” here.

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