Affordable Ways to Prevent Vibration

Jack Burley, VP of Sales and Engineering at BIG KAISER shared his knowledge to Fabricating & Metalworking magazine for options targeted to make positive impacts on vibration without breaking the bank.

As all machinists know, vibration is the sworn enemy of high quality and efficient metal working operations. The effects of vibration impede speeds & feeds, reduces tool life and wreaks havoc on the products finish. Typical culprits of vibrations are;

  • Abrupt changes in direction; stops & starts
  • Instability in part processing
  • Inconsistent forces during operations

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A leading countermeasure for vibration is our original Dual-Contact spindle system BIG-PLUS®. Many machine tool builders depend on simultaneous taper and flange contact for improved rigidity and vibration reduction. At BIG KAISER, we are obsessed with precision so, Buyer Beware; not all dual contact systems are created equally. BIG-PLUS is THE ONLY true dual contact system for 7:24 taper systems. So, choose wisely grasshopper and don’t discount the value of this technology and only purchase it through licensed producers. If you still don’t believe us, let us prove it with our GUARANTEE. Check it out –

Another important concept dealing with vibration, is using the largest possible diameter and the minimum possible length. This is an ideal situation however, we all know ideal does not apply in many machining operations. This is where you want to invest in BIG KAISER Smart Damper system for your tough finish boring and milling applications. Smart Damper incorporates passive damping mechanism that functions as a counter action by way of high resonance friction action. This patent-pending system’s damping capability minimizes effects of high frequency oscillations, absorbing vibrations and allowing higher machining accuracy. Keep in mind this system is a modular design allowing customers to customize and manage setups.

While the latest machine tool technology may go a long way towards eliminating vibration and chatter, adding a new machine may not be realistic. Luckily, there are less financially limiting options that will make positive impacts on your vibration problems without breaking the bank.

Please read more details of Jack’s article here.

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