Hi-Power Milling Chuck: A Steady Solution for a Solid Market

Hi-Power Milling Chuck.
With state-of-the-art toolholding technology, Jorge Rucoba’s machine shop doubled its process indicators and gained competitiveness in the Mexican mold market.

Mold manufacturing market growth in Mexico is opening doors to entrepreneurs seeking opportunities. However, it is a highly specialized manufacturing area that requires experienced human talent and precision technology in machining processes.

More than 90% of the molds and dies currently produced in the country are imported, representing a market share of more than $7 billion. Based on several initiatives, some introduced by the government, the boost to the sector will allow small Mexican companies to start producing molds and dies in-house. This is the case of Taller de Maquinados Jorge Hernández Rucoba, a company that bears the name of its young founder, established in 2019 in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Rucoba is not throwing himself into the ring; he is an experienced machine tool operator, with programming and handling of CNC equipment experience and a career in manufacturing and design processes in the company Alta Tecnología en Mecanizado (ATM), a mold and die manufacturer from Monterrey.

Rucoba confirmed the importance of high-end technology when it comes to products with reduced dimensional margins and perfect surface finishes. In the case of a mold, one thousandth can make the difference between a suitable or poor-quality plastic injected part.

For markets like automotive, where assembly margins are increasingly exacting in pursuit of noise and vibration elimination, molds and die-cast components must conform to strict quality measures.

When considering a new CNC machining center for his shop, Rucoba strives for maximum quality since the components they produce are from various industries, such as automotive, aerospace and household appliances.

Although he works with different types of metals, many molds are made of hardened steel and have complex geometries. “We use tool steel H13, S7, D2, Vanadis 4, CR8, 9840 treated, A2 and O1; we cover a large part of the industry since we can machine any steel."

For ATM, Rucoba complies with quick turnaround, on-time deliveries and competitive cost. This agility allows them to capture more workorders and immerse themselves in a dynamic of continuous improvement, adjusting processes and acquiring more suitable technology.

Rucoba acknowledges that they had to make adjustments. “My machining processes were slower, on average 50%. It had issues with tool wear, poor surface finishes and low machining accuracy.” He adds that their setup times were longer and had long cycle times. In one of his operations, they were at 400 SFM, 80 IPM and 3,000 RPM. It was then that they knew immediate improvements were needed.

Finding the offset with a BIG DAISHOWA Base Master.

After arduous analysis and expert advice from BIG DAISHOWA, it was clear that the problem was not in the new CNC machining center but in the peripheral equipment selected when tooling up the machine, specifically the tool holders. It doesn't matter if you have state-of-the-art machines or high-end tooling, workpieces won’t achieve the desired quality without premium tool holders.

Fortunately, a change was made in time. A Hi-Power Milling Chuck from BIG DAISHOWA was incorporated. Milling operations showed immediate improvements, with increased machining speed, improved surface finishes and increased the tool life.

Information shared by Rucoba shows indicators of 200 IPM, 4,400 RPM and up to 800 SFM. Thanks to already having the correct tool holders, the tools have extended their life by up to 80%, which saves exponentially considering that they are high-end mounted milling cutters. In addition to the previous benefits, they registered reductions in assembly times and cycle time of up to 50%. Production costs fell.

Rucoba is satisfied. He has been able to extend these benefits to his clients as delivery times have been reduced.

The Hi-Power Milling Chuck proved to be a highly efficient component extending its benefits to both the tool and the machine. But beyond state-of-the-art technology, he highlighted the level of technical service offered by BIG DAISHOWA's engineering and support staff since the proximity in advice and equipment implementation was crucial for generating results. “The team of engineers is very prepared and always available to support in any technical aspect,” commented Rucoba. The engineering team’s work went smoothly, and the implementation was fast and accurate.

With the BIG DAISHOWA product, stress was reduced in the shop, “and it is even nice to implement the chucks in the machining processes. Previously you needed to be close to the machine in case an insert broke so you could stop the process and change it. Using the Hi-Power Milling Chuck, we are sure that the process will be carried out properly, without failures, and with the machine operating unattended.”

The company is currently receiving work orders from new clients due to the excellent performance and technical capacity now shown as a small manufacturer using state-of-the-art technology in all processes. Perhaps the most important lesson learned has been that tool holders should be seen as strategic components—not commodities—since these components are long-term investments that add quality and value to the final product.

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