Torque Fit Tool Assembly Station

Torque Measuring Tool

Proper tightening is an important first step in high-precision cutting. BIG DAISHOWA's Torque Fit Tool assembly station is a tool holder tightening fixture device that eliminates the need for multiple torque wrenches.

Torque Fit features an integrated torque measuring system that allows for controlled tightening. The torque measuring tool features a digital display to tell you how much torque you are applying. Check out our videos below to learn more about our torque measurement device.

Features & Benefits
  • Digital display helps to reach the proper torque
  • Tightening values for BIG DAISHOWA collet chuck series data are preset
  • Beeping on & after the proper tightening
  • User mode for the customized torque value
  • Error LED light when overtightened
  • Replaceable adaptors available for CAT, BT, CAPTO, and HSK