BIG CAPTO Tooling System

ISO 26623-1

The BIG CAPTO tool holder system is a dual contact modular turning and rotating system that strengthens the performance of machine tools. The BIG CAPTO modular tooling system offers better efficiency, material selection, and heat treatment.

* The trademark CAPTO is licensed from Sandvik Coromant

BIG CAPTO tool holder.

Excellent Repeatability & Runout

High repeatability is achieved due to the perfect fit of the polygon taper to drive spindle rotation. The combination of a self-centering 1:20 taper and the long taper edge ensures stable runout accuracy.

BIG CAPTO group of tooling options.

Wider Range of Rotating BIG CAPTO Tooling than Any Other Provider

As a licensed manufacturer since 2002, BIG DAISHOWA offers a wider range of rotating BIG CAPTO tooling than any other provider. Extended reach collet chucks feature the world-class New Baby Collet system with less than 3 microns guaranteed accuracy at 4xD. Other solutions with BIG CAPTO include the MEGA ER GRIP, HYDRAULIC CHUCKS, the MEGA E Chuck system, MEGA DOUBLE POWER Chucks for the highest rigidity while end milling, MEGA MICRO CHUCKS with the world’s smallest collet system for reaching into tight areas, and many more.

BIG CAPTO 45° Type S and 90° Type F Tooling Chart.

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