Pullstud Bolts

High Tensile Strength

Pullstud bolt high tensile strength is improved by utilizing tool steel (H13) or die steel. Tool holders may be pulled out of the machine spindle at high speeds due to strong centrifugal forces. High tensile strength pullstud bolts are recommended to protect against this possibility.

Most breakage occurs due to impurities in the material. Impurities eventually become cracks due to strong cutting and vibration forces. Other reasons for breakage are caused by dents created from ball clamp retention systems, compared to dual contact collet-type systems. Coolant alkaline levels will also contribute to shortened life span.

BIG DAISHOWA pullstud bolts are 98% pure and contain no lead. Our pullstud bolts have a high nickel alloy content which provides up to 30% higher strength than those not containing nickel.

Additionally, BIG DAISHOWA pullstud bolts are roll threaded which provides 30% higher strength and excellent thread quality, compared to others that are cut threaded.

Features & Benefits
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Roller screw
  • Smooth surface prevents notching effect
  • Laser marking for manufacturer ID
  • Wide selection for specific machine models