Cleaning is Key to Runout Control

Cleanliness is key to achieving good runout control when assembling tool holders. Small particles or oil in a tool holder can cause large runout of the cutting tool, deceasing tool life and performance. BIG KAISER offers several products to help operators clean collet chucks, milling/hydraulic chucks, and shrink fit holders.

SC NBS Cleaners.

The SC collet bore cleaners allow the operator to effectivley wipe out the small bores found on collet chucks. These are offered for all of our New Baby and ER style holders.


TK Cleaners.

The TK bore cleaners have a unique action to reduce the diameter of the cleaner for insertion in hydraulic or milling chucks to reach deep into the holders.


AWC Wipers.

The Alpha Wiper cleaners use a series of stacked disks perfect for removing contamination from shrink fit holders.

For more information, please visit our Tool Cleaners page.

Alan Miller

By Alan Miller
Senior Manager Engineering

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