What is Fine Boring?

Large part batches? Tight bore tolerances? Deep-hole boring or any requirement combination in-between, we have a boring head for getting each and every job done right the first time. Compare the capabilities and performance of our intermediate fine boring heads below to quickly find the tool that’s right for your unique application.

These tools are just part of the most complete modular boring tool system on the market. Digital, balanced or classic analog boring heads built of steel or aluminum are available for the highest performance and repeatable precision.

Feel free to contact our experts to learn more about our fine boring head offerings.


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Jaishankar Nair

Sun, 05/28/2023 - 18:19

Please note that we have a tooling requirement for machining of Weld root (from inside) at highlighted area. Location of the machining area from the riser face is 32.5" & 16.8" from either side. Length of the riser pipe is max 460 inches and I saw that you have tooling with high precision for this work

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