Playing the Prevent Defense with Tool Measuring Systems

Just as your car’s health depends on regular oil changes and tune-ups, your shop tools and equipment require preventive maintenance to stay in good working order and to maximize life cycle. BIG Kaiser engineers talk to their customers about preventative measures right from the moment of installation because, according to Doug Sumner, Product Manager, Tool Measuring Systems, a lot of the basics are day-to-day care that operators need to address.

“During an installation, we review the preventative maintenance checks that a customer will perform himself or herself during the year. This comes down to scheduled optics cleanings, rust prevention and insurance of spindle cleanliness,” says Sumner. “Then, we stress the need by the customer to have our Preventative Maintenance service performed yearly. Again, just like they would change the oil in their car, this will allow their investment to stay in peak performance and it also will help them in maintaining their ISO and other standards.”

This annual Preventative Maintenance package includes the following operations:

  • Clean, inspect and lubricate all applicable parts of the machine
  • Inspect and adjust bearing preloads on x- and z-axis slide assemblies
  • Verify spindle concentricity and column square to spindle centerline
  • Clean and adjust mechanical and optical assemblies
  • Performance evaluation and verification of all functions
  • Verification of repeatability and zero-point calibration

It makes cents

Not only will annual maintenance minimize downtime, owners who participate in this proactive effort to ensure constant productivity will also receive a 33 percent hourly labor cost break for emergency service, should service be required within one year of the periodic maintenance visit. Not to mention, each additional machine serviced in the same visit will be about half off.

If you are interested in having preventative maintenance service done on a Speroni presetter, please call 847-228-7660 x225 or email

Doug Sumner, Product Manager, Tool Measuring Systems

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