Repair or Replace? That is the Question.

Repair or replace.


Every investment in tool maintenance and measurement is a move toward reducing cost, increasing productivity, lean manufacturing, IoT and a host of other buzzwords. As with every investment from the front door to a machining center, we need to maintain these investments to keep them performing the job for which they were purchased. 

Your tooling devices and tool measuring systems purchased from BIG KAISER are no exception. We not only strive to provide you the very best solutions, we also provide support and repair for these products. 

As with any investment, we come to a point where we must ask if it is time to replace or repair equipment. Many times when we analyze this situation, we will find we may have made the more expensive mistake and replaced or scrapped the original product. If purchasing a quality product in the first place, the answer should  be to repair in most cases. When looking at the actual purchase price of the product vs. the repair costs, if the cost of repairs are less than 40% of the original purchase, most times the investment to repair is the correct answer. With this decision, however, we also need to consider how long into the future this solution will be the correct one and if replacement parts are obsolete. 

When it comes to our tool holding and tool measuring products, we work toward futureproof technology. With every product update we consider if the change will work with the existing products in the market. This means the investment you made in a Tool Pro can continue paying off in the future by having its wornout tool holding pot replaced and refurbished to like-new condition for about 25% of a replacement. Or possibly that Esperia CNC tool measuring system you purchased 10 years ago can have its control replaced for 30% of the cost of a new machine.  

Another part of the equation to keeping your investments working for you is to have them serviced and calibrated regularly. Like changing the oil and tires on your vehicle, your tool presetter needs to be serviced to stay in top operating condition. BIG KAISER can perform all repair, calibration and preventive maintenance on your Speroni presetter in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

A small investment in regular service can push the need to replace equipment down the road. 

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