Why BIG KAISER Can Guarantee Specific Accuracies and Performance

Measuring and a high-speed spindle speed increaser.


When one variable can make a huge impact on the result, as in metalworking, it’s a good idea to eliminate as many of them as possible. That’s the approach we take with every piece of equipment we offer. How do we do it? We keep all production in-house. Production may take place in different locations, but is all produced using shared specifications, master gages and production methods.

While other tooling producers and distributors outsource part production, we are vertically integrated. Each BIG KAISER part is built to fit precisely and work specifically within each finished product. That’s why when we say “Higher Performance. Guaranteed.” we mean it, just as when we promise runout or accuracies.

Here are some examples of our industry-leading proprietary production methods and quality control:  

  • When it comes to collet chucks, the collets, retention knobs, holder body and nuts are all made and measured using our own proprietary processes by BIG DAISHOWA in Japan. And final inspection requires each collet to pass a runout accuracy test of 3 microns at 4xD. Other suppliers often get each of those components from different manufacturers.
  • Micrometer spindles for fine boring heads and collet chuck clamping threads are produced in-house using high-precision thread grinders.
  • All Kaiser digital boring heads are designed, manufactured and assembled by BIG KAISER-Switzerland. With exception to some common electronic components, all the main elements are produced to our own specified requirements.
  • All components such as spiral bevel gears, planetary gear sets and housings to assemble complex attachments like angle heads and spindle speeders, are produced in-house.
  • Even measuring accessories, like the Base Master precision touch sensor, are designed and assembled in-house.
  • BIG DAISHOWA has also opened a new plant that specializes in heat treatment to guarantee all parts are hardened and surface treated to exacting standards.
  • SPERONI designs, manufactures and assembles all components of its tool presetters, including spindles, columns, bases and even software.


To request literature with detailed specs, performance testing and availability of products designed and built using our unique processes, click here. Or, to learn more about our exclusive partners and what makes our organization different than a typical supplier, click here

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