Back Spot Facer

The Back Spot Facer, also known as a BF-CUTTER was exclusively designed for back spot facing of capped bolt holes, sizes M6-M16, or 1/4"-5/8. It features the world’s smallest square indexable insert, (with 4 indexes), and is ideal for all steel, (including stainless), cast iron, and aluminum.

The coolant-through capability helps cool down the backside cutting area, increasing tool life – a feature not available in most other models on the market. The BF-Cutter is available for minimum facing diameters. A unique, offset design allows for easy programming – simply offset the centers between the machine spindle and the hole when entering or exiting the hole with the cutter. 

Easy NC Programming

Easy programming by simply offsetting the centers between the machine spindle and hole.

Features & Benefits
  • Cap bolt size M6-M16
  • Indexable inserts save costs
  • Utilizes the world's smallest square insert
  • Coolant through design increases tool life