C-Cutter Chamfer Mill

Optimized Chamfering

C-Cutter is a chamfer mill that is available in three types: cylindrical shank, universal, and modular (CKB). C-Cutter covers a wide range of chamfering diameters and reduces the number of tools and ATC required.

Designed exclusively for chamfering, the C-Cutter inserts have a high rake angle to produce clean chamfer surfaces. The large cutting surface covers a wide range of diameters and reduces tooling numbers and ATC time loss.

Cylindrical Shank Type

The standard type C-Cutter mill features a cylindrical shank and is available in multiple diameters, chamfering angles, and lengths. Depending upon the model, C-Cutter uses one, two, or three inserts. 

Universal Type

The C-Cutter Universal Type uses a single insert and is adjustable to allow chamfering angles from 5° up to 85°.

Modular CKB Type

The C-Cutter Modular CKB Type is compatible with the CKB modular system and can connect with CKB2, CKB4, CKB5, and CKB6. The number of inserts used varies depending on the cutting diameter.

Features & Benefits
  • Offered in fixed and adjustable angle types
  • Large cutting edge allows plunge cutting over a large range of diameters
  • Exclusive double-screw indexable inserts