High Performance Quadro 15 Plus Drill Reamer

The High-Performance Quadro 15 Plus Drill Reamer geometry was developed to optimize performance and tool life in steel and cast iron applications. The tool design includes internal coolant for all sizes, 6 margins total, and a 15° helix angle. Using six margins allows the Quadro geometry to drill holes with a tolerance ranging from H7 to H9. The 15° helix angle and use of high-pressure coolant often result in speeds from 400-800 SFM in steel and cast iron applications. The four-facet, split-point geometry is self-centering and does not require a pilot or spot drill. A TiAlN coating optimizes chip evacuation, increases wear resistance, and improves tool life.

Features & Benefits
  • TiAlN Coating
  • Internal coolant for all diameters
  • 15° helix angle
  • Four-facet point grind
  • Split-point geometry
  • Self-centering
  • 6 margins total (3 per flute)
  • H7-H9 achievable hole tolerance