Bore Cleaners

It can be difficult to remove contaminants stuck deep within clamping bores of milling chucks, hydraulic chucks and shrink fit holders; even with a wiping cloth or air-spray. In order for these types of holders to achieve the highest gripping force possible, precise and concentric clamping of a tool shank is priority. Bore cleaners are capable of cleaning small and large clamping bores to maintain high performance and accuracy.

TKC Cleaners are capable of cleaning the clamping bores of large tool holders and Alpha Wiper Cleaner serve the same purpose for smaller tool holders. Both accessories are essential to help maintain high performance and accuracy.

Features & Benefits
  • Sturdy construction with high oil and grease resistance
  • Plastic injection molded core with fluted location for cleaning synthetic strips
  • Ensures accurate sizing and cleaning efficiency
  • A quality control product
  • Cleaning synthetic strips will maintain adhesion to the taper core due to inset location even under scrubbing action
  • Cleaning synthetic strips positioned at well spaced intervals to remove even large residual particles