Solid Bars

For machining of extremely deep bores

Carbide Solid Bars

Tool combinations with carbide boring bars provide optimum rigidity when finish machining extremely long bores. The carbide bars can be moved axially and clamped to the required length in compact tool holders. Hydraulic chuck tool holders are recommended. 

Carbide solid bars are available for CKB1, CKB2, and CKB3. These solid bars should not be used for heavy roughing.

Heavy Metal Solid Bars

Tool combinations with heavy metal boring bars give higher rigidity and damping of vibration over conventional steel shank tools when machining long bores over 5:1. Their dense structure and machinability give higher toughness over carbide. Milling chucks are recommended for holding these bars, as well as hydraulic chucks. 

Heavy metal bars are available CKB1, CKB2, CKB3, and CKB4.

Features & Benefits
  • Bore depths up to 10 x Ø
  • Cylindrical bars with CKB connection to be used with rough and fine-boring heads