The Smart Damper Family of Anti-Vibration Tools Adds Another Member

Smart Damper products are designed for deep-hole boring with BIG KAISER’s CKB modular boring system, and also for extended reach milling with both inch- and metric-pilot shell mills and face mills.

The original rollout of the Smart Damper for finish boring included an integral BCV50, BBT50 and HSK-A100 tool holder with a CKB modular connection at the business end. A BCV50 integral 1” shell mill holder was also available.

The next phase of the Smart Damper accounted for more flexibility towards assembling a more custom tool assembly. A modular CKB Smart Damper Extension allowed customers to mount it to any combination of standard CKB shanks, extensions and reductions to create the exact tool configuration for their job. At the same time, a modular thread-on face mill damper head extension was also developed to be used with matching basic holder with different interfaces and gauge lengths.

Visitors to the 2015 EMO tradeshow in Milan, Italy, last year were the first in the world to see our newest solution in the Smart Damper family – EWN and EWD BIG KAISER boring heads with an integral damping system. This new design for boring shortens the distance from the damping mechanism to the cutting edge, which is the source of vibration. This produces higher damping effects to the tool assembly to minimize the chatter or vibration – thus achieving better surface finishes and improved metal removal rates.

Jack Burley from BIG KAISER-Americas presented the guys from MTD CNC at EMO Milano the features of our brand new EWD Smart Damper: the world’s first boring head with digital readout and dampening system

Our tests have shown that deep holes free of vibration can be bored with an excellent surface finish with dramatic time savings. For example, with a projection length of 14.3” working with high-carbon steel at a cutting speed of 1,300 SFM, an impressive feed rate of 11.4 IPM was achieved with the EWN41 Smart Damper.

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