Workpiece Stabilization, Machine Vibration and More

MoldMaking Technology has published a series of blog posts from four recent BIG KAISER presentations. Read on for a recap of each post.

BIG KAISER Product Manager John Zaya discussed his knowledge of workpiece stabilization and non-traditional fixturing. He revealed that the biggest difference between a top shop and one falling behind the times is unattended machining, thus allowing minimal interruption and reduced operator involvement. Throughout his presentation, Zaya urges shops to invest in versatile technology. Read that blog post here.

Vice President of Sales and Engineering Jack Burley gave his presentation on machine vibration and the problems it poses, as well as the tooling systems that offer a solution. When vibration occurs, a tool starts to deflect and causes lost productivity and poor tool life. This issue can be combatted with programmers becoming more informed about diameter ratio and integrating certain software and techniques. Read the post recapping Jack’s talk here. 

Information on the future of automatic boring was provided in Matt Tegelman and Nick Jew’s presentation. They discussed the benefits that come with automated tool adjustment, such as improved efficiency, no more pauses in the machine cycle and reduced human error. The inclusion of automatic boring, they concluded, brings positive change and innovation to machining processes. Learn more about that topic here

Patrick Cratty, assistant manager, TMS, explained how to make the switch from negative to positive tool offsets in his presentation. He simplifies how to transition from traditional touch-off methods to an offline presetter. The advantages include full tool inspection, measuring tool length offsets while machines are running and no need to run test cuts in most situations. In fact, for many shops, many modern controls are already set for positive tool length offsets. Read a recap of Patrick’s talk here. 

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