BIG DAISHOWA Introduces C3 Series of BIG CAPTO Tool Holders

BIG CAPTO C3 tool holders

Hoffman Estates, IL - BIG DAISHOWA has introduced the C3 program, an expansion of the BIG CAPTO tool holder line, designed to increase efficiency and precision for small lathes.

The C3 series of MEGA NEW BABY chucks has a clamping range of .010-.630” with a maximum RPM of 30,000. These make excellent choices for drills, reamers, taps and finishing end mills. Ultra-slim and strong, they provide reliable gripping for even the smallest workpieces. 

The BIG CAPTO C3 square holders for turning applications come in left and right orientation. The turning application holders—C3-180-BH16R-2058 and C3-180-BH16L-2058—are mono-block holders. Their insert clamps are tough and reliable, adding on to the already inherently high rigidity of mono-block holders. The resulting higher rigidity minimizes vibrations and movement during cutting, improving accuracy and efficiency.

The new square tool holders are available in 90° and 180° types. The 90° type offers a variety of orientations, including perpendicular to the workpiece. Its compact design also allows for work in spaces that are tighter or have limited clearance. The 180° type, meanwhile, allows the tool to machine harder-to-reach areas of the workpiece. 

Due to the limited space for smaller lathes and mill-turn machines with C3 clamping systems, integral C3 turning adapters are compact and rigid with both left- or right-hand units for most common turning geometries. C3 boring bar holders also are available to clamp 6, 8, 10 or 12mm boring bars. All turning tool holders feature through-spindle coolant. Tool assembly device, Kombi Grip (model KG32R), makes an excellent addition to work on C3 tools outside the machine, and cleaning of internal C3 clamping units is quick and efficient using BIG CAPTO spindle cleaner SC-C3.

As a member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group (Osaka, Japan), BIG DAISHOWA Inc. has grown into a recognized global tooling provider, with manufacturing facilities in North America, Switzerland and Japan. In addition, BIG DAISHOWA is the North American representative of Speroni tool measuring machines, Sphinx high performance drills, mptec measuring stands, Tekusa spindle cleaners and the UNILOCK zero-point workholding system.

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