(Video) Hit the Tolerance Every Time with Speroni MAGIS CNC Tool Presetter

If pictures speak 1,000 words, videos must speak about 10,000. Check out the quick clip below showing our Speroni MAGIC CNC tool presetting system in action. This modern presetter can help any shop accelerate its setup processes and optimize accuracy.


The MAGIS CNC has dedicated CNC control management for the X and Z-axis with electronic movements and latest-generation electronics and motors. Featuring Pearlitic class 40 cast iron construction, 270-degree access to the tools while in the spindle and sub-pixel and sub-micron resolution, this system allows for an accurate and repetitive positioning with uncertainty of the two linear axis is of +/- 1 µm.

Also – bet you didn’t know it is the only bench-top model in the world with built-in RKC (Retention Knob Clamping)? This provides a strong and repeatable seating in the spindle – mimicking that of a machine tool. This is one of the major reasons this bench-top model can achieve the accuracies and repeatability that others cannot. The MAGIS CNC revolutionizes the way software is used in the tool measuring world. Software companies add screens, windows and menus in order to give the user more features. Speroni took a simpler approach with its control offerings for tool presetting and measuring, combining all of the needed features and functions in a user-friendly, clean and trouble-free single-screen user interface.

There’s more where that came from. One hundred-plus product- and process-specific videos are available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe today.

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